Balance is a critical component in strong, successful IT Resumes - and one of the most essential areas for that balance between the amount of technical detail in the IT Resume and the broader business issues that you've solved.

IT Resumes need to effectively balance technology with business value!

Of course, since every career is unique, I can't give you a one-size-fits-all approach. The amount of technical detail will vary based on career experience and career goals.

But, as a general rule, there is a definite correlation between how much you want to emphasize technology in your resume and your career level - and that emphasis decreases as your career advances.

For hands-on technologists - whether on the development or the infrastructure side - your technical toolbox is absolutely critical to demonstrate that you have the hard skills necessary for your next opportunity. You do want to clearly demonstrate that you've got the technical chops - the hard IT skills - that will enable you to shine in the next opportunity that you're seeking.

But equally importantly, you must demonstrate that you've leveraged those tools to deliver real business value - whether that's improving processes, increasing uptime, or contributing to new revenue growth.

And as you advance in your IT career - to IT Manager, IT Director, or a CIO / CTO role, you'll want to focus less on technology, while your strategic business vision and accomplishments will become more and more essential with each step you take up the IT careers ladder.

But - in my opinion, as a professional resume writer - you still need to include your technical background to demonstrate that you understand technology - and that you can lead complex, multifunctional technology teams effectively.

But no matter where you are in your career, IT resumes must be more than just long, tedious lists of technical skills and certifications.

Because IT resumes, by their very nature, need to demonstrate what you do better, differently, exceptionally - that's how you'll stand out from the hundreds of resumes that cross the hiring manager's desk for every open opportunity.

And your technical toolbox and certs can, too easily, show how you're similar to every other job seeker - not how you're different. Of course, no two sets of technologies are exactly alike - and certifications certainly can have value.

But those aren't the things that are going to hold the hiring authority's attention.

And you do want to be certain that you do that - because IT resumes that don't hold the hiring authority's attention tend to get a very quick glance. And not a call for a first interview.

So - wherever you are in your IT career - it's critical to find that perfect balance, that sweet spot between your real technical expertise, and your ability to deliver clear, quantifiable business results.

That's my sweet spot. As one of the few professional resume writers in the careers industry with an exclusive IT focus, I speak technology. I can understand what you've done - and how you've leveraged your technical toolbox to drive process improvement, cost reduction, or revenue growth.

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