CTO Resume

The Chief Technology Officer role is perhaps the most complex within IT leadership.

The CTO position can range from a highly technical leadership role in a large, established enterprise to serving simultaneously as Head of Technology and Acting VP of Business Development (BD) in a startup—with a wide range of responsibilities between those extremes.

That means that your CTO Resume—even more than most executive resumes—has to be a radically individual document, one that ensures that your value proposition and cultural fit are completely clear. The reader has to know what type of CTO you are—or want to become—to ensure that you not only get calls back, but get calls back for the right opportunities.

That's why the CTO resume has to do much more than just give the facts of your career. It has to show where and how you will add value.

To accomplish this, it's absolutely critical that your CTO resume demonstrates not only your technical expertise, but also the types of challenges you've been called upon to solve—and the size and culture of the organizations you've worked in. Because if you love wearing a lot of hats, you're not going to be happy in a more traditional environment—and vice versa.

That takes a great deal of skill; balancing and communicating the real value you've delivered in a complex role is not an easy task.

But it's absolutely essential.


Here’s one example. If you've been a startup CTO with a significant business development component in your career, it's important to highlight that in your CTO resume. Successful BD achievements demonstrate that you've got great people skills, you're persuasive, and you're a great communicator—even if BD isn't something you want to do in a future role.

But your next step isn't VP of Business Development. You're a CTO—that's where you add value, and what you enjoy. So you need to be certain that your business development accomplishments are clear, without overwhelming the core of who you are as a technology leader.

That's where I add value. My highly personalized process and depth of experience enables me to determine what makes you unique, what makes you stand out—and to craft a CTO resume that enables you to target the best possible opportunities to grow your career.

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