My clients are busy people. That’s why I've created the most straightforward, transparent, and effective IT Resume process in the industry.

Let me me walk you through the process:

1) We'll schedule an initial call to mutually determine if we’re a fit. I’m always honest. My priority is working with people for whom I can make a dramatic impact—so if I don't think I'm the right IT resume writer for the job, I'll let you know. And not waste your time.

2) We'll take about 90 minutes for an in-depth interview about every aspect of your career. I've been interviewing dynamic, strategic technology professionals about their careers for a long time, so I know the questions to ask to "get under the hood" of your career, determine your key differentiators, and define your unique brand. 


3) I'll get to work, and in 4 weeks you'll have a CIO resume / CTO resume / IT Director Resume / IT manager resume / IT resume that you can use that night. Two rounds of revisions are included with the investment. But honestly? Not one client out of ten needs more than minor changes—a word here or a number there. Because it's important to keep your momentum and hit the ground running. Once you've signed off on the IT resume, I'll get started on the LinkedIn profile, and you'll have that in 2-3 weeks.

4) We'll schedule coaching sessions to help you leverage your new portfolio, get the job search moving, and ensure that you get maximum value from your investment.

Finally? You work with me, and only me. From the first conversation, to the follow-up. Because building that personal, one-on-one connection is the key to successfully defining your brand. 

No one wants to find that they’ve been farmed out to a subcontractor. But, too often in the resume industry, you’ll talk to one guy for sales, a second for an interview, and a third to actually write your resume. 

That’s not an ideal situation.

You need to know that you’ll be working with one of the top IT resume writers from your initial call until final sign-off.

That direct contact ensures nothing but the highest quality work. No middleman also ensures that you're working with an IT resume writer on your level, who knows your technology and tech language as well as you do. Instead of a generalist resume writer who may have little to no idea what you actually do.

Bottom line? IT careers are complex enough. You don't need to jump through additional hoops to take your next step.

I can help with that—with a clear, streamlined, transparent process.