If you're like many of my clients, you've had a great career.  

But now you're at a career crossroads. With two great options that will build radically different future careers. And choosing between two great options can be mighty stressful. 

I can help with that. As an executive career coach, I ask the questions that help my clients get clarity on which path they want to take often within only one or two sessions—instead of the 10 or more many coaches will charge you for. 

Then, as your IT resume writer, I'll build the compelling, targeted resume portfolio you need to help you get to the better of the two great options. 

Or you may know exactly where you want to go. But you've been consistently promoted—or recruited—and may not have needed to plan a proactive job search since before the .com bubble burst.

Things have changed. 

The market is tough—for even the strongest candidates. 

I can help with that.

By helping build targeted job search strategies that can speed up the process. By helping to cut through the miles of bad prose in job reqs, and determine if a given opportunity is a best fit. By helping prepare for every interview from first to final—because it's very different being on the other side of the desk in an interview.

Bottom line? 

Whether you're at a turning point in your career, or need help taking the next logical step up the ladder? I can help with that.