IT Manager Resume

The IT Manager Resume is a significant change from the resume you've used earlier in your career as a hands-on technical professional. While your earlier resume focused almost exclusively on hard technical skills, your IT Manager resume needs to demonstrate that you're a leader who leverages much more than just technical chops to add value to the enterprise.

Of course, that doesn't mean that your IT Manager resume has no technology details—far from it. But that technology has to be effectively balanced to demonstrate that you're no longer a developer or a network engineer—and finding that balance can be extremely challenging.

And that's where where other IT Manager resumes usually fall short. Far too often, the IT Manager resume focuses almost exclusively on technology—with little to none of the business leadership that's critical to the position. And without that business value, the hiring authority will have no real way to know what you can deliver—or whether you're really qualified for a leadership role.

But where do you find that business value, especially if you've just moved into a leadership opportunity?

That's obviously the key question. Finding the business value you've delivered—when you've thought about your career primarily in terms of hard technical skills—requires a completely new way of thinking about your career, about what you've done, and about what you've accomplished.

One approach that I've found consistently useful is to focus on CAR—Challenge, Action, Results—to more clearly focus the work you've done in your previous career. Rather than simply filling up the resume with the actions you've taken, contextualizing those actions with the challenges you were tasked to overcome—and then highlighting the results you've delivered—is an effective IT Manager resume.

But—that's not always easy. It takes experience and skill to craft an IT Manager resume that strikes absolutely the right balance between technology and leadership.

That's where I come in. I've written possibly more IT Manager resumes than anyone else in the world—for clients with widely differing careers, strengths, and current and future career objectives.

That experience—combined with my unique, highly personalized process—enables me to ask the right questions, to dig deeper into your career, and to help unearth the real value that you've delivered—to craft the best possible IT Manager resume to help you reach your goals.

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