IT Resume Writing Services

Are you struggling to write your IT resume?

I can help with that. Because I speak IT.


IT Resume Writing Services

Are you struggling to write your IT resume?

I can help with that. Because I speak IT.

Your IT Resume has to be best in breed for you to stand out in today's crowded marketplace.

I received no hits from recruiters. But after J.M. did a complete overhaul on my resume, I received a response from a recruiter within thirty minutes of posting.
— Nellie C., New York, NY

It's no mystery why you're here. 

You're a technology professional looking to take the next step in your career. 

You're ready to move up. To face new challenges. To contribute more effectively.

You know you can do it. You've got the technical chops. The vision. The drive. The commitment.

I have to tell you this – it is too strong a recognition from a CIO not to tell you… the resume FORMAT and DELIVERY stunned the recruiter… we spent the first 5 minutes with him telling me what a strong CIO resume it was – and he wasn’t talking about me, but the the CIO resume framework you delivered on! He especially noted how easily it read on a handheld… he said the written style communicated with intensity. Excellent work JM. BTW: I have a second round of interviews coming up, so all went well.
— Steven T., Atlanta, GA

There's only one thing that's holding you back.

Like most professionals facing a career transition, you're struggling to write your IT resume. So you're exploring the options for IT Resume Writing Services.

You're struggling to articulate your value proposition. To put the pieces of your career together to tell your unique story. To communicate what you have done—and more importantly, what you know you can do in your next role. 

It's not easy. Resume writing is a unique skill that can only be developed with years of practice. Of course, you write your CIO resume or IT Director resume or IT Manager resume every couple of years, maybe.

Me? I write an IT resume every day I'm at my desk. I've been doing that for years, and that's why I've built one of the most highly respected IT Resume Writing Services in the world.

I've helped CIOs / CTOs / CISOs / CDOs, IT Directors, IT Managers, Software Architects, Developers, Network Engineers, and IT Sales Professionals at all levels get into jobs that are challenging and interesting.

That depth of experience with every aspect of the IT resume process is why I can propel you to the next level in your IT career.

So here's how I can help.

We had a great call last week. It took a little longer than I had anticipated to screen a number of other individuals/services but nothing has quite measured up. I’d like to move forward. Let me know what time/schedule works best for you.
— Ryan H, Palo Alto, CA

You're struggling to unearth your key accomplishments. Your differentiators. You don't want to brag—and you may feel you've just been "doing your job."

How am I different from other IT resume services?

I go beyond the obvious in your IT career. I always cut to the chase and ask the questions that other IT resume writers don't ask.

That means that your IT resume tells the whole story.

My years of experience enable me to get at your core value proposition. The things you do better. The things you do differently.

Because it's those differentiators that are critical—not the day-to-day duties that everyone performs. But, unfortunately, those day-to-day responsibilities are all you see in most of the forgettable IT resumes out there.  

And it's that value proposition that too many other professional resume writers may leave on the table.

Which can leave you with an IT resume that isn't bad. That isn't terrible.

But that just isn't good enough to beat the competition today, tomorrow, or next year.

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for such a great job you did with my resume; it got me an AWESOME promotion a month ago in the company I work at. I am now an IT Manager in the IT department!!! In charge of International Systems. I am making a SIX FIGURE salary! When interviewed by the person who is now my supervisor, she told me she was impressed with my resume and qualifications. I thought: “THANKS TO J.M.”!! You really did an excellent job at surfacing my talent! Thank You again and again.
— Susana C., Miami, FL

Of course, the resume is only one piece of the puzzle. You need a complete portfolio of IT career documents to cover all the bases.

The IT Resume is the core component of your job search portfolio. But it's not the whole story. The resume tells the story of what you've accomplished, and what you can accomplish in your next role.

But accomplishments aren't the whole story.

Because these days, culture fit is key.

That's where the LinkedIn Profile comes in. The LinkedIn Profile is a much more personal document that describes your professional character, how you lead, and what problems you're passionate about, and that lets recruiters know that you have the character, vision, and commitment to fit in with a new organization—whether that's a startup or a Fortune 50 leader.

Just a note to tell you the new resume is definitely working. I am going to interview with a 2nd company this week. That is truly awesome results considering I went on one interview over a one year span with my old resume. This is my 2nd interview within 2 weeks of putting out the new resume…and I have hardly sent any resumes out (maybe 4 or 5)! Now it is clearly up to me. Thanks for your effort & skill.
— Jim R., Chicago, IL

I give you the best possible tools to handle the job search. But I don't leave you to do it yourself. I also coach you on how to use those tools with highly targeted, rapid, and efficient career coaching.

Many of my clients have been consistently promoted or recruited. In fact, many have been able to completely eliminate the need to conduct a proactive job search.

I leverage my years of experience to help my clients create a career coaching strategy that include an effective job search, social media, and interview strategy. We work on the issues that are most critical to you. We address any concerns and any blind spots that may derail or prolong your job search. And we'll vet opportunities to cut through the HRese and determine if they’re a realistic fit for your career, your personality, and your long-term goals.

Your personal brand has to be completely consistent across your documents, your social media presence, and your interview strategy.

I can help with that, too. By the time we've completed our process, you'll have deeper insight into your career, your accomplishments, and your future goals. So that you present your brand clearly and concisely—from the first interview until the final offer. 


Bottom line? If you're committed to investing in your IT career?

I can help with that.