The CIO Resume

The goal of the CIO Resume is clear.

A strong, powerful, and compelling CIO resume must absolutely demonstrate that you're fully qualified for a "seat at the big table"—that you're able to leverage technical depth to drive change across the enterprise.

That is equally true if you're currently titled Chief Information Officer and looking to move into a better, more challenging, and more rewarding opportunity—or whether you're currently a VP of IT or IT Director ready to take the next step into executive leadership.

I'm not going to lie to you. Getting to CIO—or moving to a CIO role with increased scope once you've hit the C-suite—is not an easy objective to accomplish.

But it's doable… if you've got the strongest possible CIO resume, a superior LinkedIn profile, and a strong, clear, and proactive job search strategy.

A winning CIO resume is a unique document and requires a unique balance to clearly demonstrate that you bring more—much more—then technical chops to the table. A CIO resume that gets calls from competitive, top-of-the-pyramid opportunities demonstrates—obviously—that you know tech. But the CIO resume also needs to show—clearly and effectively—that you're a dynamic, business-savvy strategist and an effective, motivational team builder and leader.

Now, if you've made it to CIO—or you're one step away—you've got all those qualities in good measure.

So the question you've got to ask yourself is: "Does my CIO resume really show all three of those core qualities?"

Because if your resume is skewed in the wrong direction, that's going to have a clear, immediate, and deleterious impact on your future career.

I've written resumes for established CIOs, for CIOs looking to move up, and for leaders one step from the C-suite. My clients have included CIOs of multibillion dollar enterprises, SMBs, and startups.

This broad experience enables me to work closely with you to determine your unique value proposition—and to convey that value proposition powerfully, concisely, and effectively.

I leverage my unique skillset to work with you throughout the process—from our initial conversation, through our comprehensive interview, to delivery of the strongest possible CIO resume to support your goals—and then building your LinkedIn profile and providing the coaching you need to utilize the tools I've created to the best possible advantage.

This end-to-end approach ensures that you're both well-armed and well-trained to win in today's extremely competitive, extremely challenging CIO job market.

So there's clear, definite ROI on your investment in my services—in a faster, more streamlined, and less stressful job search.

Because you want to devote all your energies to advancing your career.

Not to worrying about whether your CIO resume tells the right story.