IT Resume

The IT Resume is a very different document than any other type of resume out there.


Because the IT resume has to address two very different types of readers.

First, the IT resume needs to have the technical detail that's going to convince the CIO, CTO, or IT Director that you're the candidate to call for an interview. So the IT resume needs to demonstrate your technical chops and specialties to prove that you can get the job done—while also demonstrating your problem-solving approach, your ability to work with other technical professionals, and the approach you take with end-users.

But—in addition to the technical leadership team who will be reviewing your IT resume, there are also the non-technical stakeholders involved in the hiring process—including HR. Those members of the hiring team may not have a deep knowledge of technologies, languages, or tools—and are more concerned about your culture fit than about the nuts and bolts of your technical toolbox. But even more importantly, HR professionals may be put off by an IT resume that's too dense, too tech-heavy, or just too hard to read.

So the key challenge in crafting your IT resume is finding that all-important balance—so that you give the CTO what he or she needs to see about your technical depth—without putting off the HR Director or other non-technical stakeholders.

I leverage my years of experience—and my unique ability to ask the right questions—to write an IT resume that demonstrates that you're the best possible candidate for the job—and worth the call to schedule that first interview.

But I don't stop there. My packages also including coaching to ensure that you ace the first interview, and the second and third—to give you all the support you need to get that next great opportunity.

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