In my last blog, I discussed 3 effective strategies to present - and leverage - technical expertise for a hands-on technical role. In this article, I'd like to address strategies to incorporate technical expertise in a leadership or senior level resume.

Technical expertise remains important at a more senior level - but technical expertise needs to play a supporting - not a primary - role. All resumes, of course, are achievement based. Duties and responsibilities remain relatively similar for similar jobs - but achievements are individual. When you move into a leadership role, the need to demonstrate results grows exponentially. So technology no longer takes the center stage.

Here are a few thoughts on the most effective approaches to integrate technical expertise into your leadership Resume.

1) Don't lead with Technical Core Competencies:

As a Director, VP, or C-level technology executive, your "value proposition will revolve around effective integration of technology with strategic business objectives. Metrics - increased efficiency, reduced cost, and streamlined operation - are primary. So focus your profile in delivering business value, and highlight strategic Core Competencies on the first half of page 1.

2) Position Technologies at the End of the Document:

Since Technical Core Competencies are supporting information for a senior level resume, that information needs to easily available - but not distract from more crucial achievements. End of page 2 (or page 3, if your resume requires it) is often the best fit. Keywords are there for automated systems - and can be scanned by human readers - but don't take up valuable first page real estate.

3) Streamline the Technical Core Competencies:

While a Developer would be well served to include a comprehensive list of tools and technologies, at a more senior level, it's better to cut back to more essential approaches. Organize the Technologies clearly, and include the most critical in today's market. As a rule of thumb, 1/3 of a page is adequate - you don't want all of page 3 to be a list at a senior level.

There is some debate in the Resume and Recruiting industries on including Technical Core Competencies for a Senior Level IT Resume. Needless to say, as CIO, no one will expect you to write code.

But I feel technologies do add real value - at the Manager, Director, and C-level - if the technological expertise is effectively presented. Technical depth builds credibility - both with many hiring authorities and with technical teams. So include it - but distract from more critical concerns.

In my next blog, I'll address older, obsolete, or legacy technologies.

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