I've blogged extensively lately,on the rapidly evolving role of the CIO - and how that evolution can be most clearly and effectively communicated in your CIO resume.

One critical area of CIO evolution that I'm seeing a lot of these days is the transformation of the CIO from a largely back office role to a strongly engaged leader with a clear focus on delivering an exceptionalcustomer experience.

In "CIOs must change IT function to improve customer experience," Forrester's CIO analyst Nigel Fenwick delivers some excellent - and timely - advice to CIOs on the changes.

"Whether they are digital, telephony, or in person, the touch points (when a customer engages with a company) are supported by technologies. The customers that are really excelling at customer experience, they understand the customer journey, the customer touch points and the systems that support these.

"More often than not they are implementing new applications on top-systems of engagement-such as digital mobile apps, which touch employees and customers directly. However, they do sometimes have to go further down the stack and dig deep."

Fenwick further says that, while customer experience is, of course, the responsibility of every leader in the enterprise, "the CIO can play a critical role... But CIOs need to recognise that they have a role to play and can be a change agent for the rest of the executive team to recognise how important this is."

As someone who has long believed that CIOs can deliver far more to the enterprise than their traditional roles have allowed, I find this to be welcome news - as do my CIO clients.

But, of course, my job isn't helping CIOs do their jobs. They're the experts at that. But I'm the expert in helping them get there - to get to the next great opportunity that gives real scope to their strategic talents and abilities.

So my focus when I read news like this are the best practices for CIO resumes - the strategies that I can leverage to ensure that my clients take their next step increasingly critical evolution of the CIO role. And that means demonstrating skills that CIOs may not have been as critical in the very recent past.

This is very much the case with the customer facing side of the CIO that's currently emerging. Delivering increased customer loyalty and satisfaction haven't been - overtly - in the CIO's job description.

That's where my approach as a CIO resume writer adds real value. Since I interview every client - in considerable depth - I'm able to unearth the things you've done that are directly relevant to capturing that next opportunity.

That's critical, as you prepare to move into a CIO opportunity that may look very different than the job description you had only a 18 months ago.

If you'd like to discuss how my expertise as a CIO resume writer can help you take the next step in your career, please contact me for a free consultation.