We're all driven by metrics these days. Whether it's cost, revenue, increase in market share, streamlined operations, or KPIs, numbers often seem to tell the story of success or failure.

That's why Executive Resumes Writers - myself included - work to dig out the quantifiable achievements to demonstrate our client's success.

Technology Resumes Are More Than Just Numbers

The numbers are certainly important. But they're just not the whole story.

They're simply not enough to tell your whole story - the real story of why you stand out from the dozens - or hundreds - of other candidates vying for Technology Executive opportunities in this still extremely competitive hiring market.

Because there are critical strategic and tactical aspects of every career - especially of dynamic, unique Technology Executive careers - that simply can't be quantified.

And those are important, too. In fact, those unquantifiable aspects of your Technology Executive career are absolutely critical to land the first interview - and to give you the opportunity to communicate your unique value proposition for a challenging and interesting opportunity.

Character. Leadership style. Cultural fit. Communication. Consensus building. Innovation. Disruption. Driving change.

Those are, perhaps, the biggest part of what you've done.The reasons that you're seen as more than just a tech guy - but rather as a trusted member of the C-suite - the go to guy for building technology into the enterprise to drive business and revenue growth.

And without those non quantifiables? You may look like a guy who just keeps the lights on.

That's not you. And that's not the kind of technology executive who's getting interview - and jobs - these days.

Because, whether you're a CIO, CTO, CISO, CDO, or other technology executive, you're going to be interviewed for much more than just the numbers you've delivered. You're going to be interviewed for the strategies you've used to build those numbers. And for your ability to work effectively with every other member of the C-suite and the board.

So your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile need to tell the whole story - to ensure that you're on the short list for first interviews for the opportunities that are really going to interest and excite you.

Now, that's a larger process than putting together the numbers, listing the technologies you've worked with, and hoping for the best.

That's why - as a professional Technology Executive Resume Writer and Coach - I dig deeper.

From the very beginning of our process -  from our initial exploratory call to mutually determine if working together makes good sense - I leverage my exceptional interviewing skills, honed over many years of working with senior leaders - so that I learn and express who you are as a professional, your strategies, your leadership style, and your drivers.

And that ensures that your Technology Executive Resume doesn't just tell the facts of your career - it tells the story of your career.

And my process ensures one more thing. That you really know your story. Know what makes you different.

So that you can tell your own story in the interview.

And write some great new chapters in a fantastic new opportunity.