IT Resume Writers are a rare breed in the resume writing industry.

Most resume writers are generalists; they write a very wide range of projects, from entry level to executive, and from sales or marketing to administrative. Many of those resume writers are very skilled, and produce strong resumes, cover letters. Many of the those resume writers, quite frankly, are less skillful, and tend to produce look alike, read alike documents.

Those writers will also tell you that they do IT resumes. And that's true. If an IT candidate comes their way, and the project isn't TOO complex, they'll frequently give that a shot.

But it's a little bit like the line from Dirty Harry.

"You've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky?"

Because picking the wrong person to write your resume can have very serious consequences. A weak IT resume can significantly extend your job search, and cost a great deal of time, aggravation, and stress.

It's a bit similar to how and why you'd pick a physician. If you've just got a cold, it doesn't really matter. But if there's something seriously wrong with you or a family member, you're going to find the best specialist you possibly can. You're not going to worry about cost. You're not going to worry about location. You're going to find the finest physician out there, because the issue is a serious one. The issue may even be a matter of life and death.

So you have to ask yourself another couple of questions. "How important is my career to me? Is my career a matter of life and death?"

If the answer to that question that moving up in your career is something you'd like, but not something you're willing to make a significant investment in, it may not matter who you select to write your resume.

And if you've got the time to read 20 books and 300 blogs, you might even be able to do a decent job yourself.

But if your career is critical to you, if taking the next step and reaching your goals does feel like a matter of life and death, then you may well want to pick a specialized, highly experienced IT resume writer.

I work exclusively with IT professionals. I know the market. I know the trends. I know the industry at all levels - from software developers through CIOs.

That means that I can understand every single aspect of your career - both where you are today and where you're planning on being in 6 months or in 6 years.

I understand why getting your start writing code makes you a better, more effective CIO today, and I can clearly express both your technical abilities and your business vision.

This expertise enables me to craft IT resumes that encompass my client's real value, and delivers equal value for hands-on technologists and for world-class IT executives.

In my next post, I'll specifically discuss how my specialized expertise and personalized process adds really value in the CIO resumes that I create.

Please do reach out to discuss whether your career merits the investment in the best IT resume you can possibly get. Or whether good enough will be, well, good enough.