IT Resumes Writers see a number of critical patterns that can be easily missed - both by IT professionals seeking a new opportunity, and by hiring authorities primarily focused on filling critical positions.

Given the highly specialized nature of my work - and the large number of often unsatisfactory IT resumes that cross my desk, I'm in a unique position to notice those patterns. And it's my responsibility to my clients to make them aware of the bad news that may be keeping the phone from ringing.

One of the most common - and most potentially damaging - patterns that I see in my practice is the all too common tendency for IT resumes to make job seekers - candidates, in the parlance of recruiters - appear to be at a significantly lower career level than they actually are.

As one of the leading IT resume writers in the careers industry, I see this issue almost every day.

IT Resume Writers can help you break through the gridlock, and get where you're going.

And it's not limited to any one career level, or any one subgroup within IT I see this problem across the full spectrum of my clients - from senior leaders in Fortune 500 organizations to hands on professionals on both the hardware and software side..

Far too often, I see resumes that make CIOs and CTOs appear to be IT Directors or Managers. And resumes that makeIT Directors or IT managersappear - on paper - to be Senior Network Engineers or Software Architects.

And that is a very, VERY serious problem.

Because hiring authorities aren't looking for someone a couple of levels below the job they're seeking to hire for. They're looking for the absolutely best possible candidates they can find for - for absolutely every position. And given the still fragile state of the economy, it's still very much a buyer's market for talent. So with only a little persistence, hiring authorities can find EXACTLY what they're looking for.

If your resume doesn't show your career off as well as possible, the odds of getting a call back for the critical first interview are, frankly, really, really long.

And IT resumes - like all resumes - have only one real purpose.

To get that call back.

So if you're a CIO - with a resume that makes you look 2 or 3 levels further down on the food chain that you actually are? If your resume looks as though you're just a technician, without strategic vision, or business acumen?

Your job search may be a lot longer, more stressful, and more costly than it needs to be.

I don't enjoy being the bearer of bad news anymore than the next guy.

But my clients know me to be an extremely frank, direct communicator. And, as a one of the leading IT resume writers working today, I would not be doing my due diligence if I painted a rosier picture than is realistic.

So take a good hard look at the resume you're sending out. Honestly see if it's showing you where you are in your career.

And if not? Contact me, to discuss whether my years of experience in the career industry can help you get a call back.

Sooner rather than later.