I've been an IT Resume Writer for many years, and in that time, I've watched the evolution of technical leadership with great interest.

There have been many changes in the CIO role, of course, but if I had to rapidly define that change over the last several years, it's the transformation of the CIO from a primarily tactical - and often reactive - leader of back office systems to that of a full partner with the rest of the C-suite.

Today's CIO needs to directly establish the strategic direction for IT and demonstrate real value, both internally -  and increasingly in a customer facing role.

In Needed: The CIO as Strategist, Michael Fitzgerald makes some very interesting points about the increasingly strategic role of the CIO. Michael says, "Imagine that as a CIO you had to answer, every day, in the face of intense pressure to outsource or to adopt off-the-shelf cloud solutions for pretty much everything you do, the question, "Why should my department be here?"'

That's a tough question, but one that - increasingly - all CIOs are being called to answer. The increase in outsourcing options, cloud, and SaaS / PaaS / IaaS arerapidly redefining the CIO role.

Personally, I think this is something that really strong CIOs welcome.One of the biggest frustrations I hear from my IT executive clients is that they're spending their time putting out fires, and not spending enough of their time leveraging their strategic business vision to really impact the enterprise.

Of course, IT resume writers like myself have to constantly refine our own strategies to effectively present our clients.

That's why a CIO resume needs to have a very different look and feel than a few years ago - with a much greater emphasis on the strategic CAR - challenges, actions, and results - that have enabled a CIO to deliver real business value.

So when you're considering your next - or first - role as a CIO, you need to ask yourself, with great candor, whether your resume really shows that you're a forward looking, strategic leader - a CIO for the next decade - or whether your resume still makes you look like a glorified IT manager.

The CEO who's reviewing your resume is going to be very clear that he or she needs a strategic leader in the CIO role.

So be certain that your CIO resume proves that that's who you are.

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