I recently came upon an interesting article detailing many of the challenges that keep top corporate CIOs up at night. Gery Menegaz makes some great points on the many, rapidly changing pressures that CIOs face in a constantly evolving and unpredictable technology and business landscape. I'd highly recommend the article; he presents many great, solid insights from some leading CIOs on big data, cloud, BYOD, security, and the myriad other challenges that CIOs face as technology continues to rapidly transform.

But one thing Gery doesn't mention in is the CIO's concern for career stability, growth, and advancement - and the challenges of expressing that career clearly and compellingly in a solid CIO resume.

Does your CIO resume keep you up at night?

As a professional IT executive resume writer, I can attest that concern for job stability, desire for new challenges, and the need to be prepared to take that next move do indeed keep CIOs - and other technology professionals - up at night.

And often, one of the biggest concerns that I hear from my clients is how to take that first step.  How to find a genuinely qualified professional, one with a deep understanding of the business landscape and emerging technology trends, coupled with the skill to clearly and concisely express a complex and accomplished career.

Gery also comments that he often begins interviews by asking what keeps people up at night.

I found very interesting indeed. Because I do exactly the same thing.

When I'm talking with a prospective client, I always ask what - specifically - about the job search keeps them up at night. Because - as a professional IT resume writer - I need to have a real sense of client's deepest concerns about the job search to be able to craft the best possible resume to address those concerns.

And those concerns can run the gamut. Concern about age discrimination - which is, unfortunately, all too real. Concern about the challenges of moving up to the top of the pyramid.

But the primary thing I hear from my clients - not surprisingly - is the challenge of clearly communicating their unique value proposition in 2-3 pages.

That's where I come in.

As one of only very few professionals resume writers who is completely focused on technology, I possess the depth of experience to ensure that a technology career reads clearly both to non-technical CEO, without dumbing down real technical depth and achievements necessary to impress technical leadership.

Why do I work so hard on every CIO resume I write?

That's simple.

CIOs have enough things keeping them up at night.

Without worrying about whether their resume is going to help them take the next step. Or leave their career dead in the water.

Please do contact me if you'd like to discuss how I work, how I'm different from my competition, and how my CIO resumes provide real return on your investment.