There was a time - not so very long ago - when CIOs were seen by some in the C-suite as fungible resources, as nuts-and-bolts guys who did pretty much the same thing regardless of the company.



Happily, that's changed.

The CIO - with, admittedly, a few bumps in the road - is now a full partner driving innovation across the enterprise.

That means, of course, that the CIO resume is now a very different document than a couple of years ago.

Because CIOs - increasingly - are selected on far more than technical chops. The need for communication - with both executive peers and technical teams - is now a "must have," rather than a "nice to have."

And that communication starts with the resume. It's key to communicate your unique value proposition - to clearly demonstrate that you're a good cultural - as well as a good technical - fit.

That's a challenge. For a number of reasons.

  1. Very few of us can clearly see our strengths. We can miss our biggest contributions, our most important achievements. So a second set of eyes can add real value in determining real value. As a leading CIO resume writer, that's a big part of my own work - helping my clients unearth what they've done that will demonstrate a strong synergy with the next opportunity.

  2. There's always the tendency to default to technology in CIO resumes - to discuss details that may be less than critical, and may also make you look lower level than you are.

  3. CIO Resumes - by their very nature - can look fungible. There's both art and science to leveraging the very strict requirements of an executive resume with the need to demonstrate individuality and passion.

I'm not in any way denying or minimizing these challenges. But they have to be overcome to demonstrate that you're the right person for the right CIO role.

I can help with that. As one of the leading CIO resume writers globally, I bring extensive experience in every aspect of the process to both define and communicate your unique value proposition.

Because communication is a key in the C-suite. And you need to demonstrate that from the very beginning.