I've seen an interesting - but, I think, mistaken - trend over the last couple of months, on LinkedIn and various career blogs.

That's a tendency to ignore skills as a clear, necessary factor both in IT resumes, and in the broader job search. I've been seeing posts suggesting that people are hired because of motivation, cultural fit, dedication - but that skills just aren't important these days.

That's absolute nonsense. But it's an understandable (over-)reaction to a common problem.

IT Resumes need the correct balance of skills and accomplishments

Since writing resumes - especially IT resumes is a difficult, challenging endeavor for a non professional - or even for professional resume writers who don't specialize in technology projects - the easiest course can be to create a bulleted list of skills, and call that a resume.

It's not.

A strong, powerful, IT resume has to be a focused, clear, compelling document - a document that really tells the story of your career. And given that much of that story is accomplishments - the clear, quantifiable business value that you've delivered throughout your career - many professional resume writers do stress the need for accomplishment focused resumes.

But - while accomplishments are critical - they need context.

And that context is more critical in IT resumes than in another career path. How you've saved money, how you've streamlined operations, are nearly as critical as the accomplishments themselves.

That's because - in all aspects of technology careers - the tools you use are a significant part of organizational fit. Whether you're an MS specialist, and Unix expert, or technology agnostic, you need to make your technological skills clear to the reader - so that he or she can determine if you're a good fit for your next opportunity. And that's as true for a CIO or CTO as for an IT Director or a Software Architect.

So the key - as in most things in life - is balance.

You need to clearly demonstrate that you've got strong  technical skills - but without causing the reader's eyes to glaze over.

That's what I've been specializing in for many years now - writing IT resumes that demonstrate my client's skills - without overwhelming the reader with too much technical detail.If you'd like to discuss how my highly personalize process can help you take the next step in your career, please contact me.