I've been following a fascinating discussion on LI - initially begun by a job seeker who had purchased a professional resume from a company that made unreasonable and unethical promises. The job seeker was, understandably, pretty disillusioned with the resume industry.

IT Resume Writers can help you see the blind spots in your career

There have been a range of great responses. But one common theme has been that no one can write about your career better than you yourself. This is a common misconception, so I'd like to address it in this blog.

1) There's the common misunderstanding that the job seeker knows their career better than any one else.

I use a very personalized process in my IT Resume Writing Service - including extremely in depth interviews.

And I have lost count of the number of my clients who have told me at the end of the interview that they had no idea how much they had really done, how much they had really accomplished, delivered to throughout their careers.

Of course, most people know the nuts and bolts of their careers - but without the guidance of trained and experienced professional, they often doesn't know which achievements are most valuable to a future employer.

2) Similarly, we can all benefit from a "second pair of eyes."

Everyone - without exception - has personal and professional blind spots. That's why discussing one's career, digging down into the most crucial details, and getting a real sense of the accomplishments you might have missed - adds real value to the job search. And builds IT resumes that are powerful, compelling, and effective.

In fact, were I to need a resume, I would not write my own - but would invest with one of my colleagues in the industry who could give me greater objectivity on what I've done.

3) The modesty factor.

Frequently - and this is particularly true with IT professionals - job seekers don't like to brag, to blow their own horn. They undersell what they've done, what they're accomplished. And while this is an excellent character trait, it simply doesn't help get the next opportunity in a crowded job market.

So an objective third party can help to bring out those accomplishments, to express the things that are absolutely crucial - but that a job seeker may be reticent to say.

4) Writing a resume is technically challenging.

I am - in all immodesty - a very good writer; I've been writing since I was in school.

But - even with that native ability - I needed rigorous training and years of experience to be able to produce the IT resumes that I can now deliver to my clients.

Resume writing is an extremely compact, demanding form of communication.

In fact, the challenges of writing a superior resume are similar to the challenges of writing a sonnet - the requirement to express critical information in an extremely small number of words, within in a very rigid format.

5) Time.

I invest 10-20 hours on almost every resume project I write. And, needless to say, as an experienced professional, I can write IT resumes much more rapidly than someone without my training and years of experience.

So a job seeker has to ask - very seriously - whether the time invested in creating one's own resume could not be better to higher value job search activities.

Of course, resume writers - as with professionals in any other field - vary tremendously in skill, experience, and commitment.

That's another reason to carefully vett your writer - and to not try to save a few hundred bucks on a process that can dramatically transform your career.

If you'd like to discuss my process, and how I can help you take the next step in your career, please contact me.