Professional Resume Writers talk to two kinds of people.

The first kind views their resume as a piece of paper. A commodity. Like every other resume out there.

Careers aren't identical. Neither are CIO resumes.

They assume that the writer will take their notes, edit into a better format, and that will be that.

Price is, generally, the most critical factor for these prospective clients - because if the resume is just a commodity, if one professional resume is going to be basically the same as any other, a couple of hundred bucks on price is, well, a couple of hundred bucks.

And there are certainly any number of resume companies that do just that. Take what you give them, and put it in a more professional, more appropriate form.

There is certainly some value in that. If your career is straightforward, and you know exactly what is most critical for the hiring authority to read - if you can give the resume writing service exactly the right data in exactly the right way - they can produce something that may well be better than the resume you'd write yourself.

But as I'm sure you noticed, there are a lot of "ifs" in that paragraph.That's because most job seekers - even the extremely intelligent, effective, and strategic IT professionals I work with - often don't know exactly what they need in the resume. Don't know what is most crucial.

And even the best and brightest may not always known what they've really accomplished - what they've really delivered to their organizations.

The second kind of prospective client who calls me tends to have a very different view of their career - and the resume writing process.They realize that their careers are unique.

They realize that they simply aren't interchangeable with the thundering herd of other candidates applying for every job these days.

They realize that they need to present their differentiators - those skills that make them stand out from the crowd - rather than just present a prettier version of the same resume the hiring authority has already seen 1000 times. That day.

Those are, not surprisingly, the clients that I work with. These professionals take their career - and their own value - very seriously. And their completely committed to doing what it takes to reach the next stage in their careers. They're willing to work closely with me to uncover the real, hidden gems in their career - the accomplishments that set them apart from every other CIO out there.

Because they realize that, just as they're unique, so are the opportunities out there.

And, as I recently wrote, that the next step in their career will expand some options, and curtail others. So they want to be absolutely certain that their CIO resume not only shows who they are - but effectively targets not just any opportunities - but the right opportunities.

So when you're thinking about a professionally written CIO Resume, think about how you see yourself. I doubt - strongly - that you see yourself as just a fungible commodity. So you need to really ask whether a fungible, commodity resume is going to help you reach your goals.

Contact me for a free initial conversation to discuss whether my approach will help clarify your career, your accomplishments, and help you take the next strategic step in your career.