The very few, specialized, IT Resume Writers like myself have access to some very interesting - and sometimes disturbing - trends within the IT industry.

One that I've been hearing a lot of lately, is IT professionals who may career the IT Manager title, but who's job description can ofter be little more than a senior system administrator.

There are a number of reasons for this, of course. The hiring outlook is still very much a buyer's market - far more qualified candidates than there are positions, so employers sometimes feel that they can expect employees to do what's asked of them - with relatively little risk that high value employees will look elsewhere.

A corollary of this is the reality that every business is making a commitment to lean operations that requires doing more with fewer resources. An obvious result of that is that IT leader may be expected to do far more hands-on work than would have been the case a few years ago.

But whatever the business realities may be, my clients are really frustrated.

Many have worked hard to move up the ladder, and enjoy the strategic challenges of aligning IT with business objectives. Some are, frankly, just burned out on day to day work. And many want to take the next step - to an IT Director role - but can't get out of the weeds long enough to make that move.

Unfortunately, I think there's a good chance that this trend is likely to continue, or get worse.

So this may be a great time to think about making the next move in your career - moving up, because the alternative may be moving down in a couple of years.

One of the primary challenges in creating IT Manager Resumes that can take you to the next level is to highlight the strategic value that you have delivered, while placing your more hands-on duties in context.

Telling that story - the story that you are the IT Manager you're called, rather than the senior sysadmin that you may have been forced to become - takes time, commitment, and skill.

If you focus to strongly on technology, on tools, on the weeds that you've been trapped in, it's likely that you won't get the consideration you deserve for that IT director role you've been eying.

That's why working with a specialized IT resume writer like myself can help.

My sweet spot is helping my clients take the next step in their careers. I do that with a personalized process that enables me to 'get under the hood' of my client's careers, and really determine what accomplishments will help them take the next step.

Does the process work? My clients tell me that it does - that they've gotten calls from great opportunities, after sending out sometimes hundreds of resumes with little to know response.

Contact me to discuss whether my process can deliver the same results to your career.