As readers of my blog - and, of course, my friends - know, Chinese Martial Arts are a major passion of mine.

I rarely miss a Wing Chun class; unless, of course, I'm finishing up one of my particularly complex, challenging IT Resumes. I train intensely, every day. Because growing in the art is something that brings me a very deep, very real fulfillment.

But the words Kung Fu - or, more exactly, Gong Fu, are often misunderstood to mean Martial Arts.

That's not actually what Gong Fu really means.

Gong fu means skill acquired through long and patient practice. So, in Chinese terms, one can have good Gong Fu as a martial artist. Or as a chef. Or as a calligrapher. Or as a poet.

Or as an IT Resume Writer.

Yeah. You knew I'd get this around to IT resumes sooner or later, didn't ya?

But I'm using the analogy of one thing that I love deeply - Wing Chun - to make something clear about something else I love - my work as an IT resume writer.

There really is a genuine connection. And that connection is the focused, concentrated work to master a challenging discipline - work that's done over a long period of time.

Because it's my Gong Fu - my skill in writing the best possible IT resumes for my clients - that helps my clients take the next steps in their careers, and move into challenging, interesting, exceptional opportunities that are genuinely fulfilling on a number of levels.

And it's taken me time, practice, and a lot of hard, focused work to become one of the leading IT resume writers in the industry.

As I've frequently written before, IT resumes are among the most complex projects in the careers industry. That's particularly clear to me today. I finished a non-IT project for a buddy of mine who was recently laid off - I'm always happy to help my friends when they can benefit from my skill. But compared to the projects I usually work on, it wrote itself.

So why have I chosen such a demanding, complex discipline?

Because I value Gong Fu. For me, the challenge of encompassing an extremely complex technical career in language that's clear, powerful, and detailed is more than worth the time it's taken me to master the particular art and craft of IT resume writing.

Of course, mastery of any discipline is an endless road - whether that discipline is physical or technical.

And I think that road resonates with many of my clients. Because IT professionals - regardless of level - are driven by that desire to continuously grow, to master a discipline so complex, so difficult, so challenging, that very few other people can understand their passion.

There are easier resumes to write than those for IT professionals. But that's because are easier ways to make a living than getting deeply under the hood of the enterprise, and creating the infrastructure and applications that drive business in the 21st century.

You've taken a lot of time to develop your Gong Fu as an IT professional. You've worked hard to master some of the most complex challenges out there.So doesn't it make sense to work with a professional resume writer who is equally committed to that level of mastery? Who understands - and values - what you do? The contributions you've made?If so - and if you're committed to taking the next step in your career - contact me to set up an initial consultation to see if working together would be the right fit.