As one of the few specialized IT Resume Writers in the careers industry, I see a number of common problems in the initial IT resumes my clients send me.

One of the most common of these is a resume that has grown - without any real change in strategy or direction - for my client's entire career.

This is, of course, analogous to IT systems that have been patched. And patched. And patched. For a decade or more.

This is not a strategy that works well - for IT systems, or for IT resumes.

Because at a certain point, an old system, or an outdated IT resume strategy - simply can't meet today's requirements.

That's why, if you've been using the same tired old MS Word Resume template that you were using in 1999, it may be time to think about chucking your old IT resume, and starting fresh with a new document that shows who you are today - not who you were in the last century.

But that's an intimidating process. You know that your resume may not be working. But the prospect of starting over from scratch isn't a pleasant one.

You understand that. That's why major enterprises hold on to legacy technology that's near end of life. Because the process can seem overwhelming.

Happily, building a new, compelling, dramatically improved IT resume isn't quite as major an undertaking as implementing a new ERP system in a Fortune 500 company.

All it takes is the courage to recognize the problem, and contact the right person to create that dazzling new IT resume.

The process will give you greatly enhanced clarity on your career. And the change in your resume will be truly dramatic.

Moving from a tired, old, over revised format to a fully customized IT resume that shows everything you're contributed - and everything you can contribute - can make a huge difference in your confidence as you approach the job search.

More importantly, that new resume will get the results your current resume hasn't been getting - calls from opportunities that are looking for forward thinking, strategic IT professionals.

So lose the green screen system. And get an IT resume that will help propel your IT career to the next level.Contact me to find out more about process, and to see if working together would be a good fit.