Because if you do, you have plenty of options.

But if you're looking to have your IT resume written by a recognized expert in the field, your options are somewhat more limited.

Because very few professional resume writers have chosen to specialize in the most complex, challenging resume projects out there.

There are a lot of good writers out there who might be able to help you. But, unfortunately, they may only do a couple of IT project in a month. Or in a year.So when you talk about what you've been doing lately, there's a strong chance you'll have to do a fair amount of explaining, to ensure that they really get what you've accomplished.

I've blogged a good deal recently on the advantages for IT professionals working with a specialized IT resume writer, versus a writer with a more generalized practice.  I wanted to expand on that earlier discussion to include another important advantage of working with a surgeon rather than a GP. And that is a real knowledge - and appreciation - for what you do.

So that when you talk about virtualization. Or J2EE. Or architecture. Or migrations. Or CRM. Or the range of other tools that you utilize to get the job done - to make business run more efficiently, smoothly, and cost effectively - I'll know what you're talking about.

Trying to explain those technical tools to someone who's never heard of them is going to be time consuming.But it's also going to substantially decrease the likelihood that your IT resume will clearly speak to the opportunities you're targeting.

Because those tools are a major component in how you do your job.

For a sales professional, on many levels, the numbers tell the story. The sales methodology that that professional uses is not - generally - something that a hiring manager is going to care about.

But technology is different. Certainly, your hard accomplishments - how much money you've saved, how much you've sped up critical process, how much new revenue your products have delivered - are all critical issues.

But for IT the "how" is also critical.

Technical hiring authorities want to know whether your toolbox is a good fit for that company's needs. They want to know that you have the skills, and the tools, to solve their problems. Fast. Because no has time to learn on the job these days.

And that means that your professional resume writer needs to understand those tools, too.

Because the ability to convey both the business value - the "why" of what you've done - as well as the "how" are going to make a clear, significant difference in whether you're resume gets read. Or buried.

You need a resume that clearly, concisely, and compellingly shows that you're the person for the job. Technically, tactically, interpersonally, and strategically.

I can help you with that. In fact, as a specialized IT resume writer, it's all I do.Please contact me to discuss how working with a leading IT resume writer can help you take the next step in your career.