IT Resume Writers see a number of interesting - and important - trends in the technology and employment marketplace.

Many of those trends are a cause of significant concern. Predictions of shrinking IT hiring, a far more competitive employment marketplace, and the reduction in the number of IT Managers are all  issues for many of my clients.

But one trend that I find extremely positive is the growing discussion of CIOs moving beyond an IT leadership role, to become enterprise-level leaders -  as COOs and CEOs. As I analyze technology news every day, this is a trend that I'm seeing more and more frequently.

I personally think that this tendency is long overdue. Too many of my own CIO clients have felt stuck in what was often a gloried back-office role, without the ability to contribute to major strategic decisions, and often without the respect of their C-level peers for the business acumen these CIOs posses.

It's not news that, for too long, the CIO has often been the junior player in the C-suite. And that lack of understanding of the value that the CIO brings strategic decision making has resulted in critical business expertise being wasted on what has been essentially a tactical role.

But that's finally changing.

As Peter High writes in "The Journey from CIO to COO to CEO: The Beyond CIO Series," CIOs are increasingly moving into top-tier, leadership roles.

Peter has what I think is a very important quote from Chris Lofgren of Schneider National in this article,

"...The CIO can see the entire business from start to finish in a way that some other executives might not."

I have certainly found that to be the case with my own CIO clients.

Far from being mere technology managers, these CIOs posses a clear picture of every aspect of the enterprise, and can contribute a depth of both strategic and operational knowledge to the tremendous challenges of driving business growth as the decade progresses.

Of course, as the CIO role continues to grow and evolve, the CIO Resume must do the same. More than ever before, CIO Resumes must demonstrate a clear strategic vision - not only for technology, but for the enterprise as a whole.

So the day of CIO Resumes as bland, technically focused documents has definitely come to an end.

A CIO Resume must be a genuinely executive level document, balancing technical expertise with an ever more critical discussion of real business accomplishments and vision.

Creating those resumes is my sweet spot. Balance is key - and expressing that balance in a compelling, clear, and persuasive manner is the value added that I bring to my clients - and to their careers.

If you'd like to discuss how I work to craft CIO resumes that demonstrate not only your technical expertise, but the real business value you possess, please contact me.