Late last year, I wrote a couple of blogs on various CIO Career Suicide threats.

I'd like to continue that thread with another blog on something I see quite often in the initial CIO Resumes that cross my desk.

That threat is simple. CIO Resumes aren't keeping up with the rapidly evolving CIO role. And that disconnect can derail your career.

For too long, the CIO role has been an overly reactive one, frequently with less input into strategic decision making than many CIOs have wished. As I've blogged recently, that's beginning to change. The CIO is becoming - finally - a true partner in the development of enterprise objectives, and the creation of technology strategies to drive the achievement of those objectives.

That's a great - and long overdue - transformation in the CIO role.

But CIO resumes have to keep up with that change.To do that - more now than ever before - the CIO resumes have to be truly strategic, executive level documents.

But too many CIO resumes still make you look like a glorified IT Manager. Now, there's nothing wrong with an IT Manager Resume - but the differences in scope, approach, responsibility, and strategic vision are, obviously, significantly different.

So if your CIO resume makes you look like a reactive IT Manager, you can't blame the hiring authorities for thinking that you may not have what it takes to drive a clear, enterprise technology strategy.

But however the CIO role may evolve over the coming years, CIO resumes are always going to be significantly different documents from those of your peers in the C-suite - because of the different nature of the role.

Yes, a CIO is, increasingly, a strategic leader. But he or she drives that strategy through a set of extremely complex technical tools - tools that are often far more complex - and critical to success - than the tools used by other C-level executives.

So an exceptional CIO resume still needs to demonstrate that you have the technical depth to contribute effectively - and to lead large, multifunctional technical teams - in addition to your strategic vision.

That's where the critical issue of balance comes in.

All IT Resumes - especially those for IT executives - need to be readable to two significantly different audiences - the senior technical stakeholders who need to see that you have the technical chops to do that side of the CIO role, and to the business stakeholders - including the CEO - who need to see that you have the vision needed to drive change. That you're not just a back office technical manager.

I can help with that. One of the advantages of working with a specialized IT resume writer is that I do this all day, every day. I know the most critical industry trends. I know how the CIO role is growing and transforming.And most importantly, I know how express both the technical and business sides of your career clearly, effectively, and compellingly. I write CIO resumes that speak clearly to both audiences - that show your strategic value without dumbing down your technical accomplishments.Contact me to find out whether working together would be a good fit to help you take the next step in your career.