As an IT Resume Writer, I really do only one thing.

I help my clients solve a problem.

My clients really only call me for one reason.

They're  dissatisfied. The love of technology that brought them into IT in the first place is being buried under too much work, too little recognition, too much time digging in the weeds instead of crafting elegant solutions that really make a difference.

That dissatisfaction can take many forms.

But one of the primary reasons that clients contact IT Resume Writers like myself is simple.

They're bored.

They may be reasonably well compensated. They may have a fair degree of job security - as much job security as anyone, at least, has in this environment.

That might be good enough for professionals in many fields.

But not for the people who really love technology.

Because one of the worst things for an IT professional - whether a software architect, network engineer, IT Manager or Director, or CIO - is to be bored.

If you can do your job in your sleep, maybe you need to call one of the industry's leading IT Resume Writers

That's precisely why so many IT professionals call me to write their resumes.

Like I said. They're bored.

They're doing jobs that they could do in their sleep.

They haven't learned anything new in years.

They're not improving their skills.

In short, they're not challenged, not growing, not learning, not advancing.

I can relate to the frustration with being bored. It's one of the reasons that I became on of my industries leading IT Resume Writers.

There are easier projects in the resume industry. Much easier projects.

But I live for a challenge. I love the fact that every IT resume I write is different, unique. I love the fact that my clients are intelligent, interesting, driven people - professionals who are passionate about what they do, what they can contribute, what problems they can solve.

And I love the fact that my resumes work. That they help my clients get interviews for really great, really exceptional opportunities.

Opportunities where they're not bored, but where they're constantly challenged, constantly growing, constantly evolving.

So if you are bored in your current job, if you can do your job in your sleep, if getting to the office every day is a sheer act of will, you need to realize something.

It's not going to just get better.

You're going to have to be proactive. You're going to have to take action to look for the next step, the opportunity where you can really learn, really grow, really contribute.

One of those actions may well be taking a good, hard look at your resume, and seeing if it'll get you that great opportunity.

And if not? Contact me to discuss how I can help you build an IT resume that will help you take that next step.