People come to IT Resume Writers because they have a problem.

My clients don't call me because they're completely, utterly thrilled and in love with their current jobs.They call because they need a change, need to take the next step, need to get into a job that offers greater challenges, greater rewards, and greater respect.

The reasons that my clients need to make that change vary, of course, from client to client.

But there are definite patterns. Common concerns, worries, or complaints that impel talented, hard-working, dedicated IT professionals to get in touch with me, and to discuss how I can help them take the next step in their careers.

One of the most frequent things that I that I hear these days is the frustration that IT professionals - often at a fairly senior level - are doing not only their own jobs, but the jobs of one, two, or even three other people.

If you're doing the work of three people, you may need to contact a professional IT Resume Writer

Their work load may be increasing dramatically - with the consequent negative impact on work / life balance, and considerably increased stress.

But they're not getting paid for any of that additional work.

So they're ready to move. To make the hard decisions and take the action required to grow their compensation, reduce their levels of work and personal stress, and rekindle their love affair with technology.

Of course, I understand that business needs to operate with levels of efficiency that were unknown before the crash a few years ago. That's not a bad thing. Doing more with less is, perhaps, a positive trait, and something many of us can do better at.

But expecting talented, dedicated professionals to work for compensation - that, if calculated hourly, can seem mighty low - is not something that's going to work over the long haul.

Because - even in a buyer's job market like the one we're in currently - people are going to ultimately vote with their feet.

It's easy to believe that getting a job in the current challenging economy just isn't possible.But that's not true.

Jobs - great, interesting, challenging IT jobs are still out there. But you've got to stand out from the crowd.

That's where I come in. My personalized approach to the IT Resume Writing process ensures that my clients will have career documents that are unique, compelling, and effective.

That makes taking that next step easier.

Just today, a client called me to tell that she'd submitted a resume to a dream job on Sunday. And got a call for an interview just a day later. She also said that my resume was exactly on the mark - both for her career and for the jobs she was targeting.

Calls like that are why I'm in this line of work.

I love to help my clients take the next step, and to open doors that might have remained completely closed without my help.

Of course, there's no question that a professionally written IT resume is an investment.

But, there are times when it may make sense to balance that investment against the hourly rate you're getting. Doing the work of 3 people.

Contact me to discuss how working with a professional IT Resume Writer can make a real difference in your job search - and in reaching the next step in your career.