As an IT Resume Writer, I'm always interested in the constantly evolving IT executive career landscape.

So I was fascinated when I recently found this interesting article on Forbes, "The Decade of the CIO is Here - The Beyond CIO Series" containing a fascinating interview with Tan Chee Hong, a multiple CIO who has moved beyond the CIO role to serve as the COO for Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited.

I think this article is great news for current CIOs - and for IT Managers and IT Directors looking to move into the CIO role.

The reason for that is simple. In the past, the CIO has been seen, unfortunately, as a dead end role.

Senior, yes. Top of IT, yes.

But not a stepping stone to the higher levels of executive management - COO or CEO.

CIO Resumes need to be ready for the decade of the CIO!

There are a number of reasons for that - a lack of understanding of the critical value that technology delivers for the enterprise being chief among those reasons. There's also been the perception that CIOs don't really want to move into the COO or CEO role -  which is sometimes the case; many senior technology executives are quite happy as head of IT, with no driving ambition to move beyond that role.

But for the strategic IT executives who do want to move to the top of the enterprise, this article provides some very interesting ideas.

Tan is described as having "...the ideal background for the IT executive who would rise to a larger role.  He has an MBA, he was educated on multiple continents, and he has worked on multiple continents, both as a consultant and as a CIO multiple times over..."

That's a heck of a career.

But, as an IT resume writer, my question when I speak with a client with these remarkable qualifications is very simple.

Does your CIO Resume demonstrate that?

Is it absolutely clear to the reader that you've done more than lead IT?

Is it obvious - in the initial professional profile of your CIO resume - that you bring much more than the table than technical expertise?

Because if that's not completely clear, the odds of your moving into that next strategic leadership role drop. Significantly.

As I've frequently discussed, CIO resumes are complex, challenging documents.

The need to balance clear technical knowledge with leadership, strategic business vision, and a clear, exceptional record of accomplishment is not something you want to try yourself.

You've reached the top of your career by knowing when to delegate. You're skilled at judging talent, and hiring the right people to support your strategic goals.

Choosing an IT resume writer is no different. I'd be more than happy to schedule an initial consultation to discuss my qualifications - and how I craft CIO resumes that will drive you to the next step in your career - whether that's CIO, COO, or CEO.