I've been thinking a lot about agility and nimbleness lately. As an entrepreneur, nimbleness is a primary requirement for both short and long term success. And as a student of Wing Chun Kung Fu, the need to respond rapidly to every changing tactical situations is constantly brought home to me in our remarkable exercise of Chi Sau or Sticky Hands.

An IT Resume Writer - like a Wing Chun Master - needs to be Agile

In Chi Sau, the situation is always changing. If I take my eye of the goal for even a moment, if I get caught up in non-critical issues, in short, if I get stuck, I've lost the energy, lost the advantage.

Just like life, eh?

So when I came upon this great article in Forbes, it resonated with me very strongly. Kevin Cashman compares leadership in today's rapidly evolving business and social climate to be similar to "swimming in the unpredictable, treacherous Lake Superior. We dive into the water, and we never really know what is going to happen next."

An an entrepreneur and professional IT executive resume writer, I can fully relate to that. I never know what my day is going to bring, what specific, unique challenges my clients will need me to overcome to help them achieve their career goals.

And I know that my clients face the same lack of certainty.Job uncertainty is a way of life these days, and that shows no sign of changing. But for the heads of major IT organizations, that level of change, uncertainty is a large part of the job description. And something on which really great CIOs and CTOs thrive.

Technology is constantly evolving. Think back a year or two to when you first heard the phrases "big data" or "cloud computing." Think back to when a CIO's job was to maintain a relatively stable infrastructure. Think back to when the CTO was a back office professional with little impact on business strategy.

No more.

All technology leaders need to respond to incredible change and transformation, in IT, in their organizations, and in the market. As Mr. Cashman eloquently puts it, "To succeed in our volatile, complex, ambiguous world, we have no choice but to master our ability to adapt and learn."

And, just as my client's responsibilities rapidly evolve, so does the need for innovative approaches to writing the CIO resume. CIO resumes can no longer be colorless documents describing technical tools with no description of the strategic and tactical challenges that those tools are designed to overcome.

If CIOs and CTO need the ability for "crafting novel and innovative solutions," professional IT executive resume writers need to demonstrate that agility, that innovation, that ability to ride the wave of change, that ability to adapt to an ever changing landscape.

Agility is key to success as an IT leader. Demonstrating the agility is the key to a successful, winning CIO resume, a resume that can help you take the next step in your career.

That's what I excel at. I have honed my abilities to present my clients as the agile, nimble, strategic leaders they are.

Feel free to contact me to discuss a resume that shows who you really are - and the value you can deliver in a great new opportunity.