When prospective clients call me, they're often frustrated - frustrated in their current job and frustrated with the challenges of the job search.

After all, if a prospective client loved their current job, they wouldn't email me. That's why, in my initial conversation with a prospective client, I always want to get a strong feel for what's going on in their current job - what prompted them to pick up the phone - and what their concerns are about the job search. As an IT Resume Writer, that's critical information. Because if I don't know where a client is coming from, I can't help them get to the next stage in their careers.

But, frequently, they're also frustrated with the process of trying to write their own IT resume.

As a professional IT Executive Resume Writer, I can help with that.

Iunderstand my client's frustrations with trying to write their own resumes.

Because there's one basic fact about writing a great resume that is often forgotten, or overlooked.Writing a resume is hard.And Writing an IT resume - whether you're a CIO / CTO, IT Director / Manager, or Software Developer / Network Engineer - is really, really hard.

That's why I'm one of the only professional resume writers in my industry who is 100% specialized on IT.

Because I - like most of my clients - thrive on challenges.

So here are 3 good reasons that you don't want to write your own IT Resume.

1) Time.

You're busy.

If there's one commonality among my clients - whether they're leading IT Organizations that support multi-billion dollar corporation, or creating applications and infrastructure that keep the business going - is that they work long hours. That's the nature of IT.

And when you get home from a long day, sitting down to write your resume isn't going to be a priority.

You may think you'll be able to knock it out in an hour - but it's just not possible.

I put a minimum of 10 hours into every project I write - and very often twice that amount - to be certain that I've effectively captured my client's career.

2) Digging down to find your most marketable accomplishments.

One of the biggest challenges in writing an effective IT resume is digging through your career to find the real business value you've delivered. It's there - but it may not be top of mind. You may be so focused on getting your job done perfectly that you don't realize how much you've actually accomplished.

That's why I interview everyone I work with.

I never use worksheets, or questionnaires.

Because my interview process - honed over many years as a professional IT resume writer and recruiter - has ensured that I can ask the questions that will help you recognize the accomplishments that may make all the difference to a hiring authority - accomplishments that you may not have realized were critical at all.

3) Articulating your unique brand.

The IT resumes that cross my desk are often very bland documents.

Duties and responsibilities that every CIO / IT Director / Developer has in common.

But what will get you an interview is the things that you do differently.

When I talk to my clients, I find they're anything but bland. They're focused, intelligent, strategic, visionary.

But that doesn't come through in the resumes they've written themselves.

That's my sweet spot. I'm an expert in digging deeper into my client's careers to discover what they do differently, better, more efficiently.In short, I'm an expert in discovering what makes you stand out from your competition.

And in a crowded, competitive job market, you need to stand out.

Feel free to contact me to schedule a free initial consultation to decide whether working together would be a great fit.