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I'm going to continue with my thoughts on CIO Career Suicide Threats - inspired by Bob Evan's excellent blog.

In my previous post, I discussed a key CIO career suicide threat. To summarize: don't wait until you need your resume! Instead, you need to proactively have your resume prepared.

Waiting ensures only one thing. You're not fully prepared to take advantage of a great opportunity from a recruiter - or respond rapidly to an unexpected downsizing.

Bob writes eloquently of lack of vision as a major threat to a CIOs career. Which leads directly to my own CIO resume threat #2:

Does your CIO resume paint the picture of a visionary leader? or do you seem like just an advanced, "nuts and bolts" technologist?

My clients come to me with a problem. They're not getting called for the jobs they want - and are qualified for - and are too close to the problem to see the reason.

That reason is immediately evident to me - both as a former recruiter and a professional IT executive resume writer.

Too often, when a prospective client sends me their resume for review, I'll see a decent IT Director resume. These resumes often have too much technical detail, and too little emphasis on the strategic results of technology innovation.

These resumes can be, frankly, rather colorless - and give the impression that the candidate may be less than charismatic.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

As soon as I speak with these clients, I recognize dynamic, strategic, and visionary leaders.

But their resumes don't demonstrate that. And, for a CIO, that can spell career suicide.

Because CIOs who want - and deserve - a seat at the "big table" need to demonstrate that they use technology innovation to drive growth, efficiency, and profitability throughout the enterprise.

So where's the disconnect?

  1. Too often, CIOs feel that their technical chops are the primary thing bring to the table. Don't get me wrong - demonstrating technical expertise is critical in a strong CIO resume - but it's not enough. That technical expertise must be a foundation for strategic, visionary leadership - and not an end in itself. It requires a skilled professional resume writer, with a focus on IT leadership, to clearly demonstrate technical abilities - without weighing down the resume.
  2. Often, CIOs have been using a resume that they may have begun earlier in their careers - as developers or architects. But a strong CIO resume - or any IT executive resume - needs a different strategy, and different "look and feel" to demonstrate executive and leadership abilities.
  3. CIOs are busy people - and may not take the time to clearly document their most critical achievements. In addition, everyone needs a "second set of eyes" to clearly recognize career achievements. That's why the give and take of the resume interview process is an exceptional opportunity to gain this much needed clarity. In addition to producing a strong, compelling, branded CIO resume, this process is invaluable preparation for the interview that counts - the interview for your next opportunity.

The bottom line?

You can't expect a hiring authority to guess that you can deliver exceptional, strategic, visionary leadership that directly impacts every aspect of the enterprise. You need to clearly demonstrate that.

Partnering with a leading IT executive resume authority is an investment that saves time and anxiety, and gets you into a new opportunity faster.

Tired of the results an average resume is getting you? Contact J.M. to learn what "beat the competition" could look like.