I recently found this excellent blog discussing CIO Career Suicide by Bob Evans

Career Suicide and the CIO: 4 Deadly New Threats

I'd highly recommend the post; it's well worth reading. But I wanted to riff on Bob Evan's ideas a bit, and discuss some potentially career-suicidal - or at least strategically unwise - challenges in the creating a strong CIO resume and cover letter.

Bob Evans begins with a great quote:

“It’s hard to be strategic with your pants on fire.”

If that's true when you're working, it's exponentially more true if you're looking for a new opportunity.

So here's my CIO resume threat #1.

Don't wait until you need your resume to get it written.

Recently, I got an email from a prospective client. At 9.30 on a Saturday night. He'd recently been contacted by a recruiter with a great opportunity. And needed a resume by Tuesday.

Happily, I work Sundays, and had a fairly light early part of the week. But the project was far more expensive and stressful than it would have been otherwise with more lead time.

Now, this client has had an extremely stable career. He wasn't looking.

So a case could be made that he no earthly reason to invest in a professionally written resume.

Until he got the call from the headhunter

Then he needed a resume. In a hurry. And if I'd had a busier Monday and Tuesday? He would have a difficult getting that.

Layoffs happen. Mergers happen. If there's one thing we've learned through the crummy economy over the last several years, it's that  stability is a thing of the past.

If you're making low to mid six figures, you need to have an exceptional, compelling, professionally written IT executive resume.

The days when a candidate could slap together a quick, one page resume for a new opportunity ended in the days before smart phones. Maybe the days before cell phones.

So be prepared! It's great advice for a boy scout - and better advice, maybe, for a strategic technology executive. Get the resume done - before you need it.

Because it's really hard to be strategic when your pants are on fire.