It may be a cliché, but time really is money.

And the time spent on an extended job search incurs significant costs - in lost or lessened revenue, in missed opportunities, and in generalized stress.

There are many reasons for a more extended job search that are, unfortunately, outside a job seeker's control. These include the general economic and hiring climate, local conditions, and particular industry variables.

But that's all the more reason to focus on those aspects of the job search you can control, including your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile.

Much has changed in the job search process over the last several years. But the resume and cover letter remain the single most critical tools to clearly present your career to the hiring authority for an opportunity you're seeking.

Here are three key ways in which a professionally written resume can streamline your job search.

1) Slash the time you spend preparing your resume.

Writing your resume can be a lengthy process.

Let’s face it. If you’re like most job seekers, you really hate sitting down to write your resume. You would probably do almost anything else So just getting the project started is going to be delayed for days – or weeks.

There are, too often, any number of other things you need to do - or would rather do - so writing the resume can be back burnered for a considerable time.

Once you've steeled yourself to finally sit down and write, you'll need to organize your thoughts about your career, and try to decide on the most critical points. This can be challenging; no one sees their career with 100% clarity.

Then there's the writing phase. Unless you write every day, and feel exceptionally confident as a writer, the actual time to write the resume can be lengthy.

But with Quantum Tech Resumes, your total investment of time is about an hour and half to two hours. This includes an initial consultation, full interview, and streamlined, rapid revisions. You don't have to spend days or months getting your resume prepared. And you can be confident that your resume demonstrates your unique value proposition.

2) Speed up the time for a callback.

Getting someone to read your resume is obviously the first step in getting to the critical first interview.

It's common knowledge that hiring authorities - whether internal HR or external recruiters - are absolutely swamped with resumes these days. When I was recruiting, we'd go through, on average, 300 or more resumes for every position we were working on.

An ineffective presentation of your career may mean that your resume will need a second or third reading to dig out the details of your career.

If this position is difficult to fill, it's possible that your resume may get that second or third reading. But it's more likely that the hiring authority will have found clearer resumes and scheduled interviews. So if you do get a call back, it could be weeks or months - if none of the initial interviewees fit the job.

But a strong, professional IT executive resume clearly tells your career story and presents your executive value proposition.

This enables the hiring authority to get a rapid sense of your qualifications and fit for the opportunity, making it far more likely that you'll get a call back sooner. Rather than later.

3) Interview more effectively.

If your resume has clearly detailed your accomplishments, and the crucial context for those accomplishments, you know what to expect in the first interview – and that makes interview preparation quicker, more targeted, and significantly less stressful.

You know how to delegate

You've learned that doing things yourself isn't the most time or cost effective solution.

So get you resume off your plate. Get on with finding the next opportunity.

The more time you spend on your resume, the less time you have to find that perfect position. You know the job you want. Let Quantum Tech Resumes write the resume that will get it.