The first question I ask clients in my technical resume writing service is simple.

What do you do better?  

What are your differentiators? What do you differently? What do you bring to the table, that your competition may not?

I begin every interview with these questions, because this information is absolutely crucial to build a strong IT Manager, IT Director, or CIO resume.

Why? Because as a business technology executive, you're hired for far more than technical leadership skills. You're hired because you present a clear value proposition - a value proposition that differentiates you from your peers, and from your competition. That includes not only what you've accomplished, but the how? of your achievements - the strategies you've used, the vision behind the technical and business results.

This value proposition is a combination of your technical skills, leadership style, and interpersonal abilities. In addition the scope of your responsibilities - including team size and budgets - helps to define your specific, personal brand.

How to you express your brand in your resume?

Your personal brand needs to be the key organizer throughout the technical leadership resume, from the initial title / headline, through the professional profile, and into the meat of the resume - the job descriptions and achievements.

So it's a best practice to give some serious thought to your differentiators - before you begin the resume writing process.