The CAR - Challenge Action Results - approach makes it far easier to see the major themes of your career - rather than getting in lost in the weeds.

In an earlier post, I discussed the value of the CAR - Challenge Action Result Resume format.

Today, I'd like to expand on that earlier post, and discuss the advantages of thinking Challenge Action Results to better focus your career when creating your technical or technical leadership resume.

The majority of resumes that cross my desk have one common, major problem - they consist of nuggets of (apparently) unrelated information.

This approach makes the resume difficult to read, and does not give a clear sense of your personal value proposition - something that's critical at all career levels - with increasing importance as your career advances to a technology business leader.

I realize, of course, that it can be difficult to tie the disparate strands of your career together to tell a clear story.

That's why I recommend thinking in terms of CAR - Challenge Action Results.

While this approach can be used as a specific formatting tool, it's much more than that.

The CAR approach is an effective, targeted way to look at your career, to gain the insight you need to help you tell the real story of your achievements.

Because every career is based on solving real-world business issues. The scope of those challenges will of course increase as your career advances - as will the complexity of the actions, and the size of the results. But the principle remains consistent.

I always encourage clients in my technical resume writing service to focus first on the challenges they've faced - and overcome - to get a clear sense of their strategic approach.

We then work on drilling down into the actions - the strategies - they've used to solve those challenges, and finally concentrate on what is, in many ways, the most critical aspect of the resume - particularly for business technology leaders - the hard, quantifiable results that define the career.