There are several strategies to ensure that your resume value proposition is absolutely clear to the reader. I discussed that one reason an IT leadership resume may not get the right calls back is that there may be an ineffective headline - or none at all. Today, I'd like to address the resume headline or branding statement. Here are a couple of options for a headline that are direct, and clearly let the hiring authority know your next career step and your current career level.

The first is simple - and works for a wide range of technical and technical leadership resumes.

Just pick 1-3 top titles for the opportunity you're looking for, and headline the resume with those.

An example would be:


This is clear and straightforward. A couple of things to remember, though.

  1. This title should be your next step - so it's ok to go one step above where you are - if you're qualified for that role. But do be certain that the content of your resume clearly supports your goal.
  2. Also, it's never a bad idea to include a range of titles. That provides flexibility both for your career, and to fit into different organizations that may have different leadership structures.

The second approach is an actual branding statement. In this approach, you can distill your value proposition to a brief, usually one line statement that clearly encompasses your value proposition. This approach doesn't work for every candidate - or for every resume - but it can be a powerful tool, particularly as a technology business leader.

But whichever strategy you choose, be certain that it's completely clear to the hiring authority where you want to go next - and that you're qualified to be there.