Technical resumes may seem pretty dry...

Resumes - particularly technically resumes - can seem like rather dry documents. But however dry the resume may appear, the resume has to tell a clear, compelling story. That is, ideally, a story of clear, consistent career progress - leading to the irresistible conclusion for the hiring authority that "I need to interview this person to fill a critical position."

Frequently, the resumes that cross my desk contain great nuggets - great snippets of information on achievements. But, too often, those nuggets aren't tied together to tell the complete career story.

But your Technical Resume has to tell your story...

It's that story - a story of consistent achievement and increase in scope - that will capture the attention of the hiring authority looking to fill positions at the IT Manager, IT Director, and CIO level.

Don't get me wrong - the nuggets are important, but each bullet needs to be weighed against your overall resume and career strategy. Don't just put things down as they occur to you - create a strong, compelling resume architecture that will demonstrate just what you can do to solve the hiring authority's problem.

If you can tell that story effectively, you've increased your chances to getting the first interview. If you do find telling your career story challenging, email me. Telling my client's career stories is, after all, my specialty.