A Technical Resume May Look Great - For Someone Else's Career!

I recently had a resume cross my desk from a prospective client. My process is always to review the existing resume thoroughly, to see what works - and what may need to be improved.

My first thought was that the resume was pretty solid - I could definitely see areas that I could make stronger, but on the whole, it was pretty good.

I always schedule a brief conversation with every prospective client to get to know their goals and career. When I spoke to this client, it became clear that his resume was a great fit - for someone else's career!

The initial technical resume highlighted technical skills, and gave the appearance of a solid, very hands-on, technical manager.

But after we spoke, I rapidly realized that this gentleman was a brilliant, very strategic business technology leader - and his previous resume simply didn't demonstrate that.

There can be several reasons for this, of course.

  • The job seeker simply updates their existing resumes with each new job, without fully making the transition to a format for new IT leaders.
  • The candidate may not fully realize how critical his or her accomplishments may have been.
  • The candidate may not realize that it's not bragging to highlight your achievements, and thus undersell themselves.

If you've had your resume for many years - and updated continuously since you were in a much more junior position take a good hard look, and see if the resume really tells your story. Another test is whether you're getting calls from recruiters - for jobs that are much lower level than what you're looking for.

So take a good look at your resume - if it seems to no longer represent your value proposition, it may be time for an update. Please email me for a free resume review, and we can discuss.