In my last blog, I discussed the benefits of having your technical resume prepared when you may not think you need it - when you're happily improved, not looking, and everything seems stable. So today, I'd like to mention a couple of quick techniques to help keep you updated on achievements - so you don't need to scramble before talking to a professional technical resume writing service or professional IT resume writer.

Technical and IT business leaders - up to IT Manager, IT Director, and of course CIOs work REALLY hard. In addition to the usual, day-to-day business, there are always multiple technology initiatives - and, of course, fires that need to be put out.

That means that it's easy for technical professionals to move rapidly from one thing to the next - without taking the time to record the achievements that will ensure a strong, impactful technical resume.

It's natural. It's understandable. But not keeping track of what you've done can make building your technical much harder.

It's a bit like taxes. My accountant nearly fired me a couple of years ago; my records were all over the place - and that's after I'd take hours that could have been better spent getting everything together. So I invested in iXpenseit - if you're on iPhone, I can't recommend it too highly. Preparing my taxes is now exporting a CSV file to my accountant.

I can't give you an app to keep track of your career achievements - though there may be one out there. But I'd recommend just keeping a simple text file handy. Whenever you've done something noteworthy at work, make a quick note of it - and include any relevant numbers. That way, you won't need to scramble to get ready for the resume interview - or the job interview. Be certain to be detailed enough that you'll remember the information - in a couple of months - or a couple of years.

And one more thing. Be certain to keep that file on a personal device. Too many people find themselves locked out of a work database and email - and can find retrieving data on accomplishments nearly impossible.