A client of mine recently wanted a resume update. He's not actively looking, but he takes a very strategic view of his career, and wants to be certain that he - and his resume - are ready for any opportunities that may cross his path. It's not news that we're living through very challenging economic times. Over the last couple of years in my technical resume writing service, I've worked with many great professionals who had anticipated retiring from the organizations they'd worked for. Often, being laid off came as a strong - and challenging - surprise. Needless to say, many of these clients hadn't needed a technical resume for several years, and tried to pull a solid one together - in a hurry.

That's not a great idea. When I was recruiting, my advice was that one should update a technical resume every six months. Now, I realize that's a goal that very few people achieved. But it's worth considering.

When you're busy working - in a job that seems (and hopefully is) secure, the last thing you want to do is write a resume; it's a time-consuming process, and that time may not seem well-used in the midst of a challenging IT, engineering, or business technology executive career.

But think about it. Nothing, unfortunately, is secure - even in a better economy than we're now seeing. So being prepared is an extremely wise course. It's better to have your technical resume ready to get out the door IF anything happens. And if you do choose to get your technical resume prepared by a technical resume writing service - like QuantumTechResumes - the investment is much less of a challenge when you've got steady income.

So don't wait until you NEED you technical resume - have it prepared, so that you're prepared - whatever may happen to your organization, or to the economy at large.