"But I Never Heard Back After I Submitted my Resume…"

Unfortunately, this is something that I hear constantly in my technical resume writing service. Applying online, or even in person, doesn't always lead to call back. Often you won't hear back after submitting your technical resume.

Why? I wish I could give you one definite answer - there are as many possibilities as there are hiring authorities.

But, in the final analysis, the "why?" isn't the most important question

What is most critical is, "What's your best strategy to move forward?"

  • First, don't take it personally. Don't try to second guess what went wrong, or why you didn't hear back. The number of reasons you didn't get a call back are many, and there's no point in speculating. As Sherlock Holmes said, "It is a capital mistake to theorize in advance of the facts." And the odds are, you won't have the facts.
  • Second, look at your skills - and how they match the job opportunity. Be objective. If it's a long shot - you have some of the required skills, but don't have some of the "must haves" that may be the answer. There's nothing wrong with applying for a job that isn't a perfect fit - but do realize that it may be a long shot.
  • Third, if an objective review of your skills shows a much stronger match - say 90% - and you're in the right area, right education, everything else looks good - than take a hard look at your resume.

Does your technical resume clearly demonstrate this skill match? You may see the connections, but will those connections be evident to a reader who doesn't know you - or your career - directly?

Does your technical resume clearly present your "personal value proposition" - what you do better, more efficiently, more cost-effectively?

Does your technical resume clearly show that you get things done? That you take initiative? That you can solve the hiring authority's problems?

If, after an honest review, you feel your technical resume may not be clearly presenting what you can offer to a new employer, then you may want to consider a professional technical resume rewrite.

It's your skills, accomplishments, and the value you bring that will, ultimately, get you your job.

But the hiring authority needs to be able to see that. I've had a number of clients email that they'd gotten no traction before my technical resume rewrite - with several calls once my rewrite was finalized and posted.

So take a good hard look. If you think your resume may be holding you back, I'd be more that happy to give an objective assessment of your current technical resume's strengths - and potential areas of improvement.