A recruiter for whom I have a great deal of respect, Robert Zalaudek, recently commented on the bareness of my LinkedIn connections. Like most professionals, I've had an LI presence for some time, but I hadn't done much with it - frankly, I'd always found the interface less than intuitive. But Robert made a great point. So I decided to mine some of my own data. I went through the 1K+ resumes I've written over the last couple of years, and worked on connecting with a large number of my past clients.

It's good to follow-up. This exercise has helped me realize what I enjoy most about my technical resume writing service.

It's hearing how my IT resumes have helped my clients - from hands-on technologist through to senior business technology leaders - reach their career objectives.

My past clients have told me great stories, stories about the number of interviews they've had since posting the technical resumes I've written, stories about landing great job - even in the recent challenging economy.

My clients are great people. They'll tell me things like, "You got me a great job." I'll tell them that's nonsense. My clients get great jobs because they're great at what they do. The use technology to solve real-world business problems. They cut costs, streamline operations, and generally make their companies function efficiently and effectively.

So what's my role? Simple I tell my client's stories clearly, accurately, and compellingly. I ensure that the hiring authority reading my client's technical resume knows the value that a great candidate can contribute. And you know what? That's enough to open that critical first door, get the first interview, and get the ball rolling.