My friend - and fellow Uechi-Ryu Karate practitioner Rick Coyle posted an interesting blog recently. He mentions something we Uechi students often take for granted - the style is very deep, but apparently not very broad. We only have 8 kata - forms - total. And only 3 of those are key to the system. Many systems have 20, 30, even a hundred forms. When I was a starting my Martial Arts journey, that sounded great. Hey, I figured I'd never get bored, if there was always something new to learn.

Now, I'm not knocking those other styles - there's plenty of room for different approaches. But at this point in my life, focusing on those three core kata, and truly perfecting them, should keep me plenty busy.

Ok. So what does this have to do with technical resume writing? A couple of things.

People ask me how I can practice the same three forms, three times a day, several days a week. I reply that, if I'm practicing properly, I never perform the same kata twice.

Similarly, people can ask me whether I get bored focusing exclusively on my technical resume writing service. And I have the same answer.

Every client is different. Every career is different. So every project is different. But focusing as I do on IT resumes, technical resumes, and engineering resumes, I'm able to bring that experience and expertise to bear to help every client.

I think it's a good deal.