Technical Resume Writing - Clarity is Key! I have to admit - I'd resisted the idea of blogging. But I'm really glad that I started this blog. I hope that it's of value to my clients - but in addition, I'm finding that blogging regularly is helping me to clarify the strategies and value that I use in my Technical Resume Service.

One theme that I find is clarity. Clear Technical Resume Architecture, clear chronology, clear job descriptions - the theme runs through many of my blogs.

I've had clients - including Senior Technology Executives - who have suggested that they don't want to give too much away, that they want the Technical Resume to be a "teaser" to get a call back.

Now, I can't say that never happens - I can only speak for how I, and my IT recruiter colleagues, worked.

But generally, I didn't have the time - unfortunately - to guess at what a prospective candidate had done. I needed to see - clearly, concisely, and completely - whether a candidate was a good fit.

That's why I'm not a big believer in non-traditional resumes. You'll read a lot about catching the hiring authority's eye - and that is important. But it's far more important to KEEP the hiring authority's attention.

So keep your focus on presenting your career clearly and compellingly. If you'd like help in that, just pop me an email at