As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm not a big believer in extensive lists of technical resume writing do's and don'ts. Every career is different, and every technical resume writing service brings a unique approach to writing a technical resume. So, with that said, I'd like to discuss a few approaches that I've found useful in formatting technology resumes.

First, I'm pretty conservative where technical resume formatting is concerned. There's an element of personal taste in this, of course - but I am concerned that more aggressive design can potentially backfire - especially for technology executives - including IT Manager, IT Director, and CIO level technical resumes.

There's always the thought - particularly in time as challenging as these - that a flashier appearance will get the hiring authority's attention. Unfortunately, that is not always positive. So, in my view, I think the potential risk - being perceived as unprofessional - far outweighs the potential benefits.

Conservative doesn't mean hopelessly boring, of course. It's fine to use formatting highlights to break the page up visually, and to help the reader more effectively navigate the resume.

One approach that I often use in my technical resume writing service is the judicious use of the Borders and Shading feature in Word. This feature - found under Format - Borders and Shading - provides a much cleaner and more consistent approach than using the line feature.

Also, I generally avoid Times New Roman and Arial. They're great fonts - but 90% of all resumes are written using those two fonts. I often use Book Antiqua or Calibri, depending on space constraints and the "feel" of the technical resume project. But there are many others. Here's a great list of the most common cross platform fonts, if you're feeling creative.

I'd also suggest using hard page breaks between pages. Word formats a document consistent with installed printer drivers - and there's a wide variety. This can lead stray lines or blank pages. While hard page breaks can't completely eliminate the problem, they do help.