If you're an IT Director or CIO, and you've been searching the web to find information on writing a Technical Resume, you've no doubt seen many opinions from the many fine Technical Resume Writers who post regularly. I think that's a great thing, personally. I don't believe in one-size-fits all approaches writing a Technical Resume. I think that different clients need to explore the options, and pick the Technical Resume Service that best meets their needs.

So when I give advice on Technology Resumes, remember, it's my opinion, and the approach that I've found has served my clients in the job search.

With that out of the way, I'd like to take a couple of minutes to discuss the pros - and the cons - of a highlighted achievements section in the Technical Resume.

The advantages are straightforward. Take your top half a dozen achievements, and put them front and center on page one - as part of the professional profile, or just following it. Don't make the reader work to find your "wow" achievements.

It's a good argument. So why do I generally discourage my Technology Executive clients from taking this approach?

Simple. Because the downsides are - in my experience as both a Recruiter and an IT Resume Writer - significant.

First, highlighted accomplishments are too often used to mask lack of recent career success. Frequently, if a candidate has been in a mostposition with little range for achievement, highlighting previous accomplishments can be an effective strategy to show what the candidate has accomplished. The problem is, recruiters are hip to that. So, generally, if a recruiter sees a Technical Resume, the recruiter may unconsciously assume that it's the resume of a candidate who hasn't accomplished as much lately.

Second, highlighted accomplishments lack context. As I've blogged previously, clarity is the key. That's why I include detail on my client's duties and responsibilities - that detail gives the reader the critical context to determine scope and achievements.

So, on balance, if you've had a clear career progression, with strong accomplishments in your most recent role as a Business Technology Executive, I'd recommend against highlighted accomplishments. My approach is always to keep the Technical Resume clear, and keep it chronological.

If you'd like to discuss your career, and your resume needs, just send me an email - jm.auron@quantumtechresumes.com