I've recently blogged about the need for clarity in a technical resume, the need to not leave the hiring authority scratching his or her head and asking, "What does this candidate really do?" I've also discussed the need for clear resume architecture. I'd like to follow up on those posts with one important element in writing a technical resume - clear chronology.

I realize that this may seem pretty basic - but as an IT resume writer I see more resumes than you'd think without a definite chronological structure. That makes it very difficult for the reader to get a clear picture of career progression and achievements.

Recruiters like to see a clear chronology - it reinforces the impression of definite career progression that is a critical component of building a strong personal brand.

As a general rule, don't worry about months - for a, Software Architect, IT Manager, IT Director, or CIO, that isn't expected - and can actually give the impression that your career may be lower level than it actually is.

Also, it's always wise to make a visual distinction between years at one company, and years in each role. As in all aspects of technical resume writing, clarity is the key.