As I mentioned in an earlier post, it's understandable to want to include everything in your technology resume - but it's just not a great idea. As a technical resume writer, I work closely with technical professionals, including IT Managers, IT Directors, and CIOs. So I fully understand the appeal of fascinating, cutting-edge, or just plain cool technologies.

But that coolness isjust not what a hiring authority is looking for - especially in times as challenging as these. The hiring authority is primarily interested in utilizing technology as a tool to solve a clear need.

So it is important to keep that front of mind throughout the technology resume process. It's completely reasonable to be proud of technical accomplishments - but unless you're in an R&D role - always try to dig down, and demonstrate what those technical accomplishments have done for your organization's bottom line.

Take the time - if at all possible - to discover the clear business value of your accomplishments, and highlight that value in your technical resume. Questions that I ask clients in my technical resume service include these.

Were you able to directly drive new business through technology innovation? This is not something that can always be demonstrated in a technical resume, but if you've got those numbers, be sure put them front and center!

Were you able to streamline processes and reduce cost? These days, cost reduction definitely sells.

Were you able to increase uptime? Were you able to repair damaged client relationships? Improve customer satisfaction? If the answer to any of these questions is "yes," it belongs on your technical resume!

If you're a business technology executive, did you improve the synergy with external departments? Contribute to major strategic initiatives?

Needless to say, these are only a few questions - but, hopefully, they'll help make the technical resume writing process more painless.

So remember. Focus on the business value of what you've done. After all, the iPod was a really cool technology. But the reason we all know about it is that it addressed a real market need. And helped put Apple solidly in the black.

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