When writing a resume, it's natural to concentrate on the past - after all, you has to unearth achievements - if you haven't been keeping the records I suggested in my last post! - develop a chronology, get the details straight. I'm certainly not suggesting that any of that information isn't critical. But, in a sense, it's like the requirements gathering phase. You're getting the details together for the next phase of the project - and that is getting a promotion, or a new job.

That's the goal. The future - your next step. Always keep that goal in mind as you work on the information for your resume. The more tightly you can focus on where you're headed, the more effectively you can tailor your resume to fit that position.

A good resume should lead to one clear conclusion. "This is candidate I need to talk to for this position." If everything your write leads to that conclusion - and, of course, your skills and achievements stand out - you've got a good chance of getting a call back.

And call backs really do feel good. :)