The greatest challenge in writing a technical resume - and I'm speaking as an experienced technical resume writer - is the Professional Profile. The actual "nuts and bolts" of the technical resume - duties, responsibilities, and accomplishments - are (relatively) easier. After all, it's a question of detailing the things you've actually done. But the profile can appear more abstract - more like the "bragging" - as I discussed in this previous post.

The professional profile is, simply, a concise description of your unique value proposition.

When I interview a new client, I generally begin by asking about my client's differentiators - the things my client does better, differently - the skills and personality traits that set my client apart from the competition.

That's what you want to focus on in the professional profile - those differentiators. As always, as you advance in your career, the focus will shift from primarily technical to primarily strategic. For a Software Developer or Architect, the focus can profitably include technical strengths and accomplishments. For an IT Manager, Director, or CIO, the focus will gradually shift more to strategic business vision.

The form of the profile in a technical resume can vary, of course - there is no one set formula. But, as a general rule, it's wise to keep the profile at a few sentences - one relatively short paragraph or a few well-chosen bullets. As always, you don't want to overwhelm the reader with too much information.

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